XSP Head Trainer

Carena graduated in 2023 from Penn State University with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Special Education. Carena is a licensed certified personal trainer. Carena was on the PSU track team competing in the pole vault and sprints. Her accomplishments include being a medal winner in the Big Ten Championship. Carena was also PA State Champ in the pole vault in high school.

Her specialty is training explosive high performing athletes through weight training, plyometrics, sprint training, and sprint mechanics.

Carena is a driven coach with an infectious enthusiasm. Her philosophy of performance through preparation has seen athletes go from average to exceptional.

Metrics driven training


Strength & Training

Strength and Plyometric Training Whether you’re a young athlete or someone who wants to get fit, we take an individualized approach to your fitness. We’ll put you through the drills we know you can handle, and we’ll focus on building lean muscle mass. You’ll burn more calories, your fat percentages will decrease, and you’ll feel amazing. We can also tailor our training for sports specific programs. Training with a goal of strength, speed, explosive power, and injury prevention.


Speed & Agility

Speed and Agility training Many runners are so focused on hitting the track that they forget to hit the gym, too. This means they are lacking the strength training necessary to improve their running outcomes. Strength training focuses on building slow- and fast-twitch muscles to dramatically change your running for the better. Our Turf/Track sessions mix in strength training alongside speed and agilty workouts. A normal workout includes sprint mechanics, speed training, agility exercises, and general conditioning to optimize your performance.

A Customized Approach

  • Strength
  • Explosive speed
  • Enthusiastic support and accountability
  • Measurable results driven performance training
  • Customized workouts
  • Small group training
  • Cutting edge proven training models used by the NCAA


“I used to train on my own. When I started to train with Carena, my speed and strength improved drastically. My fitness reached a level that I could not have done on my own.”



“I play football and I pole vault. I need to stay light, but be strong. I want to be powerful…but quick. I want to be able to jump high, but also be strong. Carena customized a program for me that has led to steady improvement in both of my sports.”